Vendor Profile: Ceremonies by Bethel

15 Jun

If you’ve met with us, you know that one of the biggest things I stress with my brides is to find vendors who are a good personality match.  You can have the most talented people in the world working for you, but if your personality clashes with theirs, your entire wedding experience is at risk. 

One of the warmest and most genuine people I have had the pleasure of interacting with in the wedding industry is Bethel from Ceremonies by Bethel.  As an officiant open to all, she works with her couples to handcraft their ceremonies and make the ceremony truly special.

Some of the things that make Bethel different –

  • All the ceremonies she does are custom, creating them with her couples
  • Bethel has a streamlined and effective system that helps her couples along the path of creating the custom ceremony with her – they are not expected to write it themselves and then just give it to her for delivery, but she really spends the time to craft something special
  • She is not religious clergy.  She can include religious words or pieces in the ceremony if desired, but it is only if she is asked to do so.  Her focus is on the couple’s love and their relationship.
  • She provides a variety of creative ideas to her couples for components to include in the ceremony, as many couples tell her they want something that their friends may not have seen before, rather than the standard components.

“I absolutely love playing this unique role in the special day of great couples, and am truly honored to be a part of their relationship in this way.  Together we create something wonderful and perfect for them, and then I deliver it warmly, and professionally.  I also pride myself on making them feel so comfortable and calm during the wedding itself, as well as during the whole period that leads up to it.” – Bethel

Check out Bethel’s blog


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