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Color Inspiration of the Week: Canary & Cotton Candy Pink!!!

20 May

Liven up your wedding with this refreshing color combo!

Surrounded by a sea of magnificent summer colors, this pair whisks you away into a wedding wonderland. This lively bunch allows you to use your creative imagination and perhaps add some popcorn or cotton candy machines to your reception. If that isn’t enough, you could always add an ice cream station, perfect for the summer, and pull in the colors from the wedding by adding rainbow sherbert or toppers in your wedding colors!!!

by First Comes Love intern Rebecca Robinson

Inspiration Board courtesy of The Knot


What to Do with All Those Flowers?

5 Nov


Chances are after your wedding you will have lots of flowers left over.  Sure grandma might want to take a few arrangements home but with many brides and grooms having guests come in from out of town, most weddings I am always left with several centerpieces and alter arrangements at the end of the night.

Do you ever wonder what happens with these flowers?  Or what you can do with them to make a difference?  Sure my condo would look great with flowers all over the place (kidding!) but there are so many great things that you can do post wedding with the flowers that can brighten someone else’s day.

My FAVORITE thing to do with flowers is to donate them to Blooms from the Heart, a local organization that brings the extra flowers to nursing homes, hospitals and other great venues where they will be appreciated.  I recommend  giving them a call to spread the joy.  And if your vases are rentals, have your coordinator drop the flowers off to them and they can use their vases to redesign arrangements.

If you have just one or two small pieces left, ask your coordinator if they know a local place to donate them.  Whenever I have a few centerpieces left, I usually take them over to a local nursing home or women’s shelter.  A good coordinator won’t keep the flowers for herself, but will donate them in your name.

Bridal Open House!

18 Oct

At First Comes Love, we like to host open houses so that brides can check out different wedding vendors in a casual environment (and with a cocktail in hand!)  Our last one was a few weeks ago at The Loft at UCSD. 

A special thanks to all of the vendors who participated including:  Our hosts, The Loft at UCSD, Zanzibar Catering, Darryn St. John Photography, Haydee’s Creative Flowers, Beck’s Entertainment, ONEHOPE Wine and Enticing Tables.

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Check out video from Murasaki Media from the event!

Let There Be Light

29 Sep

Let’s face it.  Flowers are expensive.  For those brides looking to save some cash but still create an extremely romantic environment, I’m a huge fan of using lots of light.  Check out these great uses of candles. 

Candles with doilies

This cute DIY project is very easy to do. Just glue doilies inside paper bags, insert candles and you have a glowing, inexpensive way to add light to your wedding. - From Martha Stewart

A great way to cut down on flower costs is to use a few submerged flowers versus large arrangements. Orchids work very well for this.

We love, love, love this candlelit ceremony site at The US Grant