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Choosing Wine for Your Wedding

4 Feb

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wedding wine tasting parties.  It is a great way to have your friends help you to select the perfect wine to serve for your big day.

In fact, recently, we attending a wedding wine tasting party for one of our September brides.  Surprisingly, some of the less expensive wines were winners.  It’s amazing how much pretty labels and brand names influence our perception of products.  The BEST time to do the party (in our opinion) is during BevMo’s 5 Cent Sale.

Here’s Martha Strewart Weddings’ take on planning a wine tasting party:

Home in on the perfect vino for your cocktail hour or reception by inviting friends over to sample a few selections with you at least six weeks ahead of time. Offer them the three best options, but cover the labels with blank sheets of paper that have been numbered to ID each one (this way, testers can’t be swayed by brand names or cool packaging). Then swirl, sniff, swish, swallow, and have each person jot his or her thoughts on the bottles — until you’ve tasted a winner.

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It’s BevMo’s 5 Cent Sale!!!

4 Oct

Brides – if your venue allows you to bring wine, now is the absolute best time to stock up for your wedding, engagement party or rehearsal dinner!!!   When you buy one bottle of wine, you receive a second bottle of the same wine for just 5 cents.  Check out the wines on special on BevMo’s site.