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Laura and Brett’s Amazing Wedding

13 Nov

For those of you who know me (or have talked to me in the past 7 days), you know that this past week has been out of the ordinary.  Last Friday, Jerry from Beck’s Entertainment called me with a question “What are you doing next Friday?”  Normally, this simple question leads to coffee or lunch, but on that day, it was much more profound.

It lead to a celebration of pure love, an outpouring of support from the San Diego wedding community and a very whirlwind week, where we planned a wedding in six days.

You see, we were a part of planning a wedding for an incredibly brave young couple.  Brett Fafard and his fiancée of three days, Laura Kemp,  have been together for two years, spending much of their time together battling Brett’s testicular cancer.  Prior to his diagnosis, Brett was an avid biker, runner, and all around athlete.  When he was diagnosed in June 2009, the cancer had already spread to his abdomen, liver, lungs, and neck.  Brett has fought the cancer through many rounds of chemo, surgeries, bone marrow transplants, and radiation; however the aggressive disease has continued to spread to his lungs and brain.  Doctors estimate he now has two months to live. 

Laura has been a tremendous support, and after many months of contemplating marriage, and one very close call when Brett suffered a grand mal seizure from his brain tumors, it became clear to the couple that they had to marry before he passes away. 

As soon as I heard the story, I knew that the San Diego wedding community would come together to help.  And they did.  With one mass email and Facebook post about the story, 22 AMAZING San Diego wedding vendors came together to throw Laura and Brett a wedding.

The wedding happened yesterday evening as the sun set at Silver Strand State Beach in Coronado. 

MANY, MANY thanks to the following wedding vendors who came together so quickly and donated their services and talent to help this couple have a very special and memorable wedding.


What to Do with All Those Flowers?

5 Nov


Chances are after your wedding you will have lots of flowers left over.  Sure grandma might want to take a few arrangements home but with many brides and grooms having guests come in from out of town, most weddings I am always left with several centerpieces and alter arrangements at the end of the night.

Do you ever wonder what happens with these flowers?  Or what you can do with them to make a difference?  Sure my condo would look great with flowers all over the place (kidding!) but there are so many great things that you can do post wedding with the flowers that can brighten someone else’s day.

My FAVORITE thing to do with flowers is to donate them to Blooms from the Heart, a local organization that brings the extra flowers to nursing homes, hospitals and other great venues where they will be appreciated.  I recommend  giving them a call to spread the joy.  And if your vases are rentals, have your coordinator drop the flowers off to them and they can use their vases to redesign arrangements.

If you have just one or two small pieces left, ask your coordinator if they know a local place to donate them.  Whenever I have a few centerpieces left, I usually take them over to a local nursing home or women’s shelter.  A good coordinator won’t keep the flowers for herself, but will donate them in your name.